The People's Republic of Alakai is a Third-World nation in Africa that is governed by dictators and tribal chiefs.


Although officially known as the People's Republic of Alakai, Alakai is de facto a dictatorship. Millitary chiefs and powerful and wealthy aristocrats govern various regions of Alakai with absolute authority.

Political and legal status of AlakaiEdit

Alakai is not currently recognised by any nation-state in the world. It maintains no foreign commercial or political relations with any nation-state in the world because of its underdevolopment and civil war. According to the Zekian Secretary of State, Ryan Newton, "The Alakaian president, Saga Nugen, wields no legitimate authoritie over the people of Alakai. He use brutal force against the people and he totally disregards their lives, safety, security, health, wellfare, and opinions. We refuse to recognise Saga as ruler and we will overthrow him and protect and help the people of Alakai." Zekia currently protects eastern Alakai and is reforming the sociopolitical and economic systems.


Alakai was a monarchy from 2500 B.C.-1700 A.D.