Loch War

Part of Georgian–Ossetian conflict

and Georgian–Abkhazian conflict


Location of Georgia (including Abkhazia and South Ossetia) and the Russian part of North Caucasus

Date 16 January 2013-28 Febuary 2013

South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Georgia, New Canada

  • Decicive New Canadian-Georgian victory
  • South Ossetia and Abkhazia become part of Georgia.
  • Recognition of New Canada by Georgia.


Georgia gains control over Abkhazia and South Osettia. New Canada gains control over the Kuril Islands.
  • States of New Canada
  • Neuvilleland
Commanders and leaders

Mikheil Saakashvili(commander-in-chief)[8][3]Lado Gurgenidze(Prime minister) [4]Davit Kezerashvili(Defence Minister)[8] [5]Alexandre Lomaia(National Security Council) [6]Zaza Gogava (Chief of Joint Staff) [7]David Nairashvili (Air Force commander) [8]Mamuka Kurashvili(Peacekeepers)[9] [9]Vano Merabishvili(Minister of Internal Affairs)


Dmitry Medvedev(commander-in-chief)[11]Anatoliy Serdyukov(Defence Minister) [12]Vladimir Boldyrev (Ground Forces) [13]Anatoly Khrulyov (58th Army) (WIA)[10]

[14] Vyacheslav Borisov(76th Airborne)[11] [15] Marat Kulakhmetov(Peacekeepers)[12][13] [16] Sulim Yamadayev(Vostok Battalion) [17] Vladimir Shamanov(in Abkhazia) [18] Eduard Kokoity(commander-in-chief) [19] Vasiliy Lunev (Ministry of Defence)[14] [20] Anatoly Barankevich(Ministry of Defence and Emergencies) [21] Taymuraz Mamsurov(commander-in-chief) [22] Sergei Bagapsh(commander-in-chief) [23] Anatoly Zaitsev(Ministry of Defence)[15]

[24] In South Ossetia: 10,000–12,000 soldiers. Total: 18,000 soldiers, 10,000 reservists.[16]

2,000 soldiers in Iraq at the time,[17] returned short for the end of the conflict 810 Special Police Forces officers.[18]

[25] In South Ossetia:10,000 soldiers.In Abkhazia:

9,000 soldiers.[19][20][21] [26] 2,900 regular soldiers.[22] [27] 5,000 regular soldiers.[23]

Casualties and losses
[28] Georgia:

GEORGIAN ARMED FORCES[24][25] Georgian Land Forces: Engineer Brigade: 4 KIA 1st Infantry Brigade: 7 KIA 2nd Infantry Brigade: 33 KIA, 1 MIA 3rd Infantry Brigade: 13 KIA 4th Infantry Brigade: 54 KIA, 4 MIA 5th Infantry Brigade: 5 KIA Separate Light Infantry Battalion: 2 KIA Separate Tank Battalion: 22 KIA, 3 MIA Total: 140 KIA, 8 MIASpecial Forces: 1 KIA National Guard of Georgia: 9 KIA Georgian Navy: 5 KIA Georgian Air Force: 5 KIA MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS[25] 11 KIA, 3 MIA, 227 WIA TOTAL: 171 KIA, 1147 WIA, 11 MIA, 39 POW[26][27][28][29]

[29] Russia:

Russian Ground Forces: 50th Self-Propelled Artillery Regiment: 1 KIA 70th Motorized Regiment: 2 KIA 71th Motorized Regiment: 7 KIA 135th Motorized Regiment: 26 KIA 136th Separate Motorized Brigade: 3 KIA 429th Motorized Regiment: 1 KIA 503th Motorized Regiment: 4 KIA 693th Motorized Regiment: 7 KIA Other: 5 KIA TOTAL: 56 KIA, Airborne Troops: 5 KIA, Spetsnaz GRU: 5 KIA, Russian Air Forces 6 KIA, TOTAL: 72 KIA, 283 WIA, 3 MIA, 5 POW[27][30][31] [30] South Ossetia: Ministry of Defense: 26 KIA, 69 WIA[32][33][20][34], Ministry of Internal Affairs: 6 KIA, ? WIA[35], Ossetian Peacekeeping Battalion: 4 KIA, 10 WIA[36][37], Volunteers: ? KIA, ? WIA TOTAL: 36 KIA, 79 WIA, 27 POW[28][27] [31] Abkhazia: Abkhazian Land Forces: 1 KIA, 2 WIA[38]

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