Mayor Joe Quimby, Is The 1st Mayor of Fano Town, He was freinds with Barry Obama, The Vice Mayor, He was killed on may day, the current mayor is Mayor McCheese, after a vote in 2008, the other canidates were

'Vice Mayor Obama' & 'Joe Quimby Jr'

Former Mayor Quimby

In Office (In The Green House)Edit

2000-2008 (Was going to be 2012, But got shot while on outing)

In Office (Night Party HQ)Edit



Martha Quimby (1999-2008)


Joe Quimby Jr.

Jane Quimby

Bin Towers AttacksEdit

Mayor Quimby Made Osama Banana Mad by sending him a poke on 'MaceBook' He sent 8/11 bombers to kill Quimby in 2001, But failed to kill him insted they crashed into the Bin Towers, heres a Quot from Quimby, "8/11 Will be remember for the Right reasons, not the fake ones" - Former Mayor QuimbyEdit