Calovian Federation
Flag of Calovia
Motto: The Land of Hope

U.S.N.T & United Chadovia

President: Jaceb Gusien



Calovia officially the Calovian Federation is a north Europaen country. Their largest city is St. Davids and the capital city is Calovia City. To the north of Calovia lies the United Socialist Nations of Timbain and to the south lies United Chadovia


Calovia was founded by Tsar Jaceb in 1565, The then Tsardom of Calovia was a much bigger country with an empire. Calovas had 13 countries in their empire by 1620. In 1630 Timbain declared war on Calovia for their country's freedom. Calovia lost with 9000 men dead and only 600 Timbains dead


Calovia claims the north of United Chadovia & South Euray Islands. There has been a war over the islands with a U.S.N.T victory but Calovia won't drop their claim on the islands. South Euray islands belong to South Euray but we're taken over by U.S.N.T on September 1st 1940.
Calovian Claims

Calovian controled areas in dark green. Claimed but un controled areas in light green.

The United Chadovian claims are not reconized by any country apart from Lousland.